Upcoming Events and Expositions

Here you can find a myriad of RendelArt Events, Art fairs, Workshops and Shows in the upcoming months! Most of which take place in and around Zurich. 



7 Vibes Journey - Edition  BLOOM

7 Vibes Journey is an evening party experience through seven different music genres with focus on dance and conscious lifestyle. A unique creation from Zurich by local artists including LIVE BODYPAINTING by Rendel Arner & Sarah Pixner! A community of electronic-music-lovers, dancers, party-goers and mindfulness-seekers, who enjoy life and grow together. 


Openair Cavaglia 

Openair Cavaglia is a music festival completely immersed in the nature of Valposchiavo.

On Saturday night besides amazing music and lovely humans you can experience a live bodypainting show with dancers!

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Intuitive Bodypainting Workshop

Connect to your innermost dreams and discover the feeling of visualising them in a fun and creative way through colors.

A workshop with painting and bodypainting for beginners and advanced. Limited spaces available. 

Partner Workshop 1